Woodson Works


Current titles:

  • Paul Gaston, Coming of Age in Utopia: The Odyssey of an Idea (2009)
  • Alessandra Lorini, Rituals of Race: American Public Culture and the Search for Racial Democracy
  • Robert Kenzer, Enterprising Southerners: Black Economic Success in North Carolina, 1865-1915
  • Midori Takagi, Rearing Wolves to Our Own Destruction:" Slavery in Richmond, Virginia, 1782-1865
  • Tommy L. Bogger, Free Blacks in Norfolk, Virginia, 1790-1860: The Darker Side of Freedom (1997)
  • Patience Essah, A House Divided: Slavery and Emancipation in Deleware, 1638-1865 (1996)
  • Jeannie M. Whayne, A New Plantation South: Land, Labor, and Federal Favor in Twentieth-Century Arkansas (1996)
  • Gerald Horne, Fire This Time: The Watts Uprising and the 1960s (1995)
  • Calder Loth, ed. Virginia Landmarks of Black History: Sites on the Virginia Landmarks Register and the National Register for Historic Places (1995)
  • Sam C. Nolutshungu, Limits of Anarchy: Intervention and State Formation in Chad. (1995)
  • Ira Berlin and Philip D. Morgan, eds.,Cultivation and Culture: Labor and the Shaping of Slave Life in the Americas (1993)
  • Robert A. Pratt, The Color of Their Skin: Education and Race in Richmond, Virginia 1954-89 (1992)
  • Leroy Vail and Landeg White, Power and the Praise Poem: Southern African Voices in History (1991)
  • Armstead L. Robinson and Patricia Sullivan, eds., New Directions in Civil Rights Studies (1991)
  • Michael Plunkett, Afro-American Sources in Virginia: A Guide to Manuscripts (1990)
  • Sally Belfrage, Freedom Summer (1990)

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