Core Faculty

Deborah E. McDowell

Director & Alice Griffin Professor of English
African-American Literature; Women's Literature; American Literature; Theories of Race and Emotion

101 Minor Hall


Ashon Crawley

Assistant Professor (AAS/Religious Studies)

431 Gibson Hall

Marlene Daut

Associate Professor of African Diaspora Studies at the Carter G. Woodson Institute for African American and African Studies and the Program in American Studies

227A Minor Hall


Njelle Hamilton

Assistant Professor (AAS/English)
Anglophone and Francophone Caribbean Literature; African Diaspora Literature; Caribbean Popular Music; Trauma and Narration

101A Minor Hall


Claudrena Harold

Associate Professor (AAS/History)
20th Century U.S.; African-American History

291 Nau Hall


Andrew Kahrl

Assistant Professor (AAS/History)
African American; 20th Century US; Urban; Environmental

282 Nau Hall


Talitha LeFlouria

Associate Professor (AAS)
Carceral Studies; African American Women; Working-Class Labor; 19th Century African American; Race and Medicine

227B Minor Hall


E. Kwame Otu

Assistant Professor (AAS)
African Anthropology; Race, Sex, and Gender; Theories of Antiblackness and Anticolonial Studies; Transnational LGBT Human Rights; Afro-Diaspora and Afrofuturism

227C Minor Hall


Sabrina Pendergrass

Assistant Professor (AAS/Sociology)
Race, Inequality, Migration, Culture, Regional Identities

223 Randall Hall


Anne Rotich

Lecture (AAS/Swahili)

139 Minor Hall

Lisa Shutt

Director of Undergraduate Studies
Francophone Central Africa , Transnational Migration, Urban Africa, National Identities

102 Minor Hall


Maurice Wallace

Associate Professor (AAS/English)
African American Literature, 19th Century American Literature, Gender Studies, Visual Culture

Tuesday Thursday 2:00 - 4:30PM 227A Minor Hall